MDx Applications

Building on the distinctive features which allow for rapid, sample-to-answer,
highly multiplexed MDx determinations,
we are developing several unique applications

To be launched soon:


Tropical Diseases - Returning Travelers Panel

Tropical Diseases - Returning Travelers Panel

A unique tool for immediate, on-site differential Dx workup of a subset of infections with similar symptoms commonly associated with returning travelers from endemic areas.

Hospital Admission Panel

Hospital Admission Panel for rapid screening of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI).

A unique tool for rapid screening of deadly multi-antibiotic resistant HAIs upon admission, during hospitalization or prior to elective procedures.

Meningitis Panel

Meningitis Panel for rapid differential Dx.

A “one-stop-shop” for rapid differential Dx of bacterial, viral and fungal Meningitis from a single CSF sample.

Tuberculosis Panel

Tuberculosis Screening Panel.

A fully integrated molecular panel for detection of TB and its antibiotic resistance mutations.