1140x550 Returning Travelers Panel
Hospital Admission Panel for rapid screening of HAI


Hospital Admission Panel is a unique tool for rapid screening of deadly multi-antibiotic resistant HAIs.
Upon admission, during hospitalization or prior to elective procedures


Hospital Associated Infections

  • HAIs are a set of deadly, antibiotic-resistant infections whose development is favored by a hospital environment, such as one acquired by a patient during a hospital visit or one developing among hospital staff. In the US alone, the CDC estimated roughly 1.7M HAI cases p.a., which contribute to approx. 100K deaths each year.
  • Screening for colonization of patients at risk, followed by appropriate isolation and/or decolonization has proven successful in dramatically lowering contamination rates in hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Current screening methods range from none to classical culturing techniques and use of PCR-based methods. These methods suffer from prolonged TAT (culture) and limited coverage of pathogen/resistance mechanism.

Most Deadly Infections 

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