ADOR New Website Launch Announcement

Thank you for visiting!

We are pleased to announce that our new website is now live!

The site has been designed around ADOR products,
to deliver a truly amazing ADOR experience.

Follow Us ! We will have a lot of updates to share in the coming weeks & months.


Here are just some of the features we’d like to highlight:

  • It is much easier to use GUI across desktop, mobile devices and tablets
  • You can now find all the information you need about products and services on the one website like:
    Instruments / Application panels / Support / Documentation Centre and more...
  • Browse all the news and events across the world we take part in
  • Search and filter functions to easily find any ADOR materials


We are also planning to launch a newsletter very soon with some innovative products, and future products to come.

We are testing extensively prior to launching this new website, not all the pages are ready and we are aware that some things may not yet be perfect.

Please contact for more information you need.


This is only the first stage of the launch, and work will continue to improve and develop our new site. This first test launch has been done in English to allow for an immediate quality check and evaluation to take place. Once this is complete, additional languages and further functions will be added.

While this process is being undertaken you can use Google Chrome to translate the pages on the website. To do this, open the website in Google Chrome and then right click anywhere on the screen and then click the ‘Translate to…’ button.


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