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Our Vision

Solving an industry-wide problem - To harness new advances in molecular biology and rapid testing to provide fast, highly specific, and accurate results that support optimal care.

An IVD innovation company established by Adaltis S.R.L (ITA) and Gamida B.V. (NL), two well-established leaders in their field, ADOR Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets groundbreaking in-vitro diagnostic products and solutions designed to diagnose rapidly infectious diseases and conditions.

ADOR’s NATlab system is already revolutionizing the sample-to-answer molecular testing industry, by introducing unique multiplex capabilities that support hundreds of tests simultaneously, and a significantly faster DNA amplification method. These unmatched capabilities ensure fast, highly specific and accurate test results that support optimal care.

ADOR is a diagnostics (IVD) company with operations in Israel, Italy and Germany. The company, registered in Cyprus, is developing the NATlab system for infectious diseases fast detection. This is a unique sample-to-answer platform based on rapid molecular diagnostics MDx by IsoThermal amplification - RCA (Rolling Circle Amplification). The method is used for testing multiple pathogens and variants, in a single cartridge.

Specific cartridges are designed for diagnosis of specific infectious disease conditions by testing multiple relevant pathogens and bacterial antibiotic susceptibility in a single test (panel). Such panels include meningitis, respiratory, STD, TB, HAI, sepsis and more.

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"Our mission is to provide solutions for addressing world challenges relating to infectious diseases and pandemics, by developing a point-of-care, cutting-edge molecular diagnostics platform for accurate identification and immediate treatment of infectious diseases.

Our mission is to make infectious disease diagnosis accessible everywhere by providing fast, simple and accurate comprehensive solutions at near-patient settings, enabling immediate treatment."

COVID-19 exposed the critical impact of mass, rapid, highly accurate diagnostics on our ability to cope with and survive a pandemic. In order to prepare for the next wave or the next pandemic to hit humanity, molecular testing must take a leap forward.

While PCR testing supported humanity through this pandemic, it is clear we need to advance molecular testing into a new era. ADOR has developed a molecular testing system for the post-coronavirus world.

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