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  • Fully integrated process – sample-to-answer / point-of-care
  • Multiplexing
  • Rapid IsoThermal (RCA) amplification, rapid sample hybridisation
  • High sensitivity and specificity
  • Single sample
  • All reagents included
  • Low-cost electronic carbon microarray technology
  • Innovative chemistry and state-of-the-art microfluidics
  • Compact & stackable vertical and horizontal configuration

Scalable Throughput

NATlab system can be expanded by adding several processing units, as per requirements and needed throughput, “pay as you grow”.

  • Fits perfectly into minimal available space.
  • No need for any environmental installation.

By adding several processing units, the NATlab point-of-care platform can be optimised according to specific requirements and desired throughput.

  • Specially designed to fit into small, mid-sized and large laboratories.


Fast and Easy Sample Preparation
This simple system requires less than 2 minutes hands-on time, and without any sample preparation.
Simple, convenient procedure can be easily reproducible by all laboratory technologists and requires no advanced training.

NATlab provides random and continuous access sample loading which is supporting improved testing and laboratory productivity.

Rapid to Result
Innovative micro-fluidics, IsoThermal (RCA) amplification and electronically-mediated hybridisation, vastly reduce processing time, allowing results to be displayed less than 40 min.

No maintenance is needed.


The barcoded cartridge contains all required hardware and reagents for sample preparation, amplification and microarray based detection, allowing true walk-away automated analysis.

User-Friendly Experience
Designed in collaboration with professionals from leading labs to optimize the workflow, user interface usability and unique user experience.
NATlab has been optimised with a large screen for clear view user friendly interface, integrated barcode scanner and intuitive instrument control – providing faster input and navigation for operator.
Wizard, step-by-step operation instructions.
NATlab simplifies the daily routine work and making data management automated and efficient with LIS/HIS system connectivity.


Fully Integrated & Comprehensive
Innovative cartridge design, amplification chemistry and exceptional array allow:
- Integrated sample-to-answer process
- Next-generation IsoThermal (RCA) multiplex amplification assay 
- Detection of up to 100 targets per Carbon Array sensor
- Artificial intelligence and machine learning optionality


Multiple Sample Types
Compatible with a multiplicity of clinical sample types e.g., blood, urine, feces, CSF, etc...
No sample preparation is required.

Advanced possibilities with NATlab

Ador Solutions for MDx

The ultimate way of Molecular Diagnostics

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