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Groundbreaking Technology

Unique IsoThermal Molecular Amplification

Significant funds have been invested in developing a rapid, sample-to-answer, sensitive and multiplex molecular biology (Molecular diagnostics MDx) tool, the NATlab. Our development of the Isothermal amplification, RCA (Rolling Circle Amplification) extensively patented as combined technology of the NATlab cartridge and instrument. This sample-to-answer diagnostic system is able to detect up to 100 targets per cartridge, using our unique carbon array sensor. 

The NATLab System

It is a qualitative multiplexed nucleic acid-based diagnostic test intended for simultaneous detection and identification of DNA/RNA of multiple bacteria, viruses or fungi. The pathogens identified directly from cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), rectal/perianal swabs, whole blood/serum/plasma/urine, nasopharyngeal swabs/BAL obtained from symptomatic patients who are suspected to have infectious diseases. This method allows investigating native specimens without any special preparation and receive the results with 30 - 45 minutes.

The NATLab Cartridge

ADOR unique cartridge is a closed disposable system that houses all the chemical and biological agents required for isolation, purification, amplification, and detection of pathogenic nucleic acid (NA) to our propriety carbon array sensor. This molecular biology system is capable handing specimens obtained from symptomatic patients, suspected for different infectious diseases, such as Meningitis/Encephalitis, Sepsis, Respiratory infectious, STI and others. Cartridges are loaded with a variety of sample types (blood, urine, CSF etc.) without any pretreatment,  sealed and entered into the NATLab instrument.

The NATLab Sensor

The multiplex detection sensor is baes on the allocation of separated 100 carbon electrodes, each one of them DNA target oriented. Such an IP system offers unique insights into DNA/RNA specific detection.

Ador's electrochemical sensor system is the key to the development of reliable and accurate Point-of-Care (POC) devices as they are capable of detecting a vast number of targets on a signal sensor from a single sample.

Carbon-based microfluidic sensors provide high sensitivity and reproducibility in comparison to standard sensors.

Therefore, the sensitivity enhancement of POC sample-to-answer devices is imperative to reduce their detection limit for better analysis of targets at low concentrations.

Multilayer carbon-array technology offers application-specific sensors with high multiplex thanks to an innovative biosensor cell platform that has been optimized for large multiplex applications.

As multiple optical filters are no longer needed to distinguish between different emission colors, device simplicity and flat assembly can be achieved, along with lower production and material costs. Standard components allow for a simple and reliable optical detection system, with lower maintenance needs.

Multi-exposure mode is used to accumulate light-induced charge during the detection phase of the imaging process, allowing for a high dynamic range (HDR imaging) that lowers the limit of detection and increases sensitivity.

Various configurations of cell count and sensor sizes are possible, enabling the rapid development of specific panels. The image acquisition process is fully programmable and controlled by the internal sequencer.

Rolling Circle Amplification (RCA)

RCA based infectious diseases molecular diagnosis offers advantages over PCR for reaction multiplexity, speed and cost.  Being an isothermal process, RCA obviates the need of thermal cycler.

The amplification reaction is fast, ~10 minutes, this is due to isothermal condition and short template to replicate. This replaces the “amplification” performed by normal PCR reaction that requires a different set of enzymes, temperature cycling and prolongs the time of a 60 to 90 min. using single circular probe per target and our multi electrodes sensor enable enhanced multiplexity over any PCR method.

The technology is appropriate tool for point-of-care diagnostics of target nucleic acids  specific pathogens with very high levels of testing accuracy.

Solving an industry-wide problem

COVID-19 exposed the critical impact of mass, rapid, highly accurate diagnostics on our ability to cope with and survive a pandemic. In order to prepare for the next wave or the next pandemic to hit humanity, molecular testing must take a leap forward.

While PCR testing supported humanity through this pandemic, it is clear we need to advance molecular testing into a new era. ADOR has developed a molecular testing system for the post-coronavirus world.

Fast, Accurate and Cost-Effective

COVID-19 provided a painful lesson on the importance of fast reacting to new market needs with mass, rapid, highly accurate molecular testing. While PCR testing supported humanity through this pandemic, it is clear we need to advance molecular testing into a new era.

By running hundreds of tests simultaneously, based on multiplex panels, and using RCA (Rolling Circle Amplification) - a significantly faster DNA amplification method; ADOR’s sample-to-answer NATlab system provides fast, highly specific and accurate results that support optimal care and dramatically improve pandemic readiness.

Revolution drived by innovation

Setting New Standards for Infectious Disease Diagnostics

NATlab by ADOR

Multiplexing Isothermal Amplification enables the use of one cartridge with dozens of different targets to deliver results in minutes rather than hours or days allowing for quicker medical intervention .


Standard Diagnostics platforms

Existing in-vitro diagnostics testing methods are slow, imprecise, and costly

Advanced possibilities with NATlab

Ador Solutions for MDx

The ultimate way of Molecular Diagnostics

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