Molecular Multiplexing at Your Finger Tips

The main benefits of the system

360x270 SIMPLE


  • “Load & Go” Protocol
  • Sample-in, Result-out
  • Random Access
  • User-friendly software
360x270 RAPID


  • Sample-to-Answer
  • < 90 min to result 
  • < 2 min – hands on time


  • DNA/RNA extraction
  • Up to 100-plex PCR
  • Carbon array detection
  • Data analysis and interpretation

The NATlab - MDx Platform

ADOR proud to introduce a new and exciting Molecular Diagnostics platform that will revolutionize the way small-medium laboratories test for infectious diseases.

The NATlab technology features a benchtop analyser
and a disposable fully-integrated cartridge allowing fully-automatic sample to answer processing of clinical samples, capable of rapid testing (45-90 min) of up to 100 molecular targets within each sample.

NATlab how it works 720x495

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Method

The polymerase chain reaction, or simply PCR, is a method of amplifying DNA sequences.

It provides us with a quick, accurate and efficient way of producing millions or even billions of copies of some target DNA segment. In order to carry out a successful polymerase chain reaction, we need (1) target DNA segment (2) DNA primers complementary to the flanking sequence of the target DNA fragment (3) heat-resistant DNA polymerase (4) all four types of deoxyribonucleoside triphosphates. A single polymerase chain reaction can be broken down into three stages - DNA strand separation, DNA primer hybridization and DNA synthesis.

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